Security Audit

Due to the essences of smart contracts, i.e., running automatically and lacking easy way to perform upgrade after deployment, it is extremely important to conduct the security audit at the beginning and fix security-sensitive issues being discovered. As an outstanding team with auditing experience of nearly 500 Tokens, PeckShield has been widely recognized by customers and peers.

Audit Scope

Audit Results

Overall Security Evaluation

Analyzing the source code, searching for undocumented features and malicious logic, checking the safety of third-party components and libraries, and detecting vulnerabilities.

Official Audit Report

A detailed report describing the identified deficiencies and threats, as well as suggestions and recommendations for mitigation.

PeckShield Security Rating

An important publicly available service to serve exchanges and investors. The service provides professional assessment for hundreds of top tradable Tokens based on PeckShield Security Rating Model.

Our Process

  • 1

    Submitting Audit Request

    Describing your auditing needs, and providing source code (and white papers if necessary) of your project. The quote and timeline of the official audit report will be sent to you as soon as possible.

  • 2

    Confirming Audit Terms

    Agreeing on the scope, time, cost and payment of the audit.

  • 3

    Launching Audit Process

    Performing the audit based on the agreement.

  • 4

    Providing Official Report

    Providing an official audit report with professional advice to help you fix security-sensitive issues being discovered.

Risk Control

Providing comprehensive risk control solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges and mining pools. Using the effective risk monitoring method to identify various risks rapidly and provide the real-time prevention of various attacks with the entire network blacklist system to protect the stable and healthy development of the exchange.

Emergency Response

  • Helping the exchanges analyze and handle of emergencies rapidly;
  • Locating the root cause of the problem and addressing it to avoid security incidents;
  • Identifying the transaction anomalies or vulnerabilities, and grasping the scope of the damage;
  • Assisting the exchanges to resume normal operation.

Customized Service

PeckShield aims to offer customized security services and solutions for customers, including, but not limited to, Tokens, exchanges, wallets and mining pools. We are willing to help and provide necessary assistance to serve your needs.

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